Do you know what the next big app store battle is?

Amazon’s Alexa has been a hit device since it was launched in 2014. Alexa revolutionized the way apps can be transpired & added a layer of schema markup that all sites needed to have in order to be compatible with this new device. Googles assistant has been around since about 2010 but wasn’t made into a full-fledged app until early 2015 following Amazon’s Alexa. The two app devices have been neck & neck in whose running the voice app business for a couple years now. In most recent news these two apps are not comparing stats for whose going to come out on top for 2019.

Why does this matter to you?

Both of these apps require a specific type of schema markup, so depending on which app is projected to be the most successful can depend on which markup you would want to set follow for your site. These apps also have different services from different companies through there third parties. For example, Amazon’s Alexa will default you to Amazon for any purchases you want to make through the voice app. Amazon is a huge company that has products ranging from grocery items to its own music channel.

How they compare

Google has more actions than Alexa. Google has had about 5,000 actions vs Alex’s 3,000 last year. However, Alexa has been ranking higher than Google when it comes to its skills. Alexa skills are at around 60,000 known skills that it can perform, Google can perform about 50,000. There are no projections on how these two will perform in 2019 however if Google can update its skills it will easily be able to outrank Alexa. If Alexa increases its actions it will easily outrank Google.

What should you do?

You should make the best business decision for your type of business. If you feel you have a business with products that can be sold to amazon then you should go with Alexa. If your business has a lot of speaking terms in your schema markup then you should go with Google.

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