Do Simple Websites Convert Better?

Simple, basic, ugly – whatever you want to call them, websites that were built only using the fundamentals converted exceptionally well back in the early 2000s. Think of websites like Amazon or Craigslist; they’re some of the most visited sites in the world even though they have basic layouts and don’t have a flashy user experience. But they’re fast, and that matters. Visitors can intuitively navigate a website when it’s laid out simply, and that leads to them finding the checkout or contact form on your website.

The Strategy

All the way back in 2003, it was realized by the affiliate marketing community that sites that looked like they were built by high school computer science students converted better than more complex and complicated websites. The opposition to ugly websites argued that no one is creating a website with the goal in mind that it’ll be considered ugly. This discussion led to lots and lots of A/B testing, and it was found that uglier sites are typically faster, more usable, and convert more, and people in fact did design them that way on purpose.

Large Call to Action

This ugly website strategy is all about simplicity and intuitive user experience, which means if you want people to buy something on your website, make the buy button impossible to ignore. This strategy has, of course, been tested time and time again since the early on in the millennium, sometimes even making the call-to-action an enormous size will continue to boost conversions.

Think back to the last time that you were shopping on Amazon, once you add something to the cart, you’re implored by the call to action to complete your purchase. There is no way you can miss the “Buy” button on top retail websites.

Outdated Sites

Marketers today do more A/B testing than ever before with the availability of different software and tech to do so. Depending on your industry or niche, you may find that more stripped-down web pages convert better on your website or one with a more complex design and imagery might work. Understanding your users helps give you insights into what kind of website to build. Beautiful or ugly is subjective, especially when it comes to a website. Still, it’s proven that fast websites that are easily navigated lead to customers reaching the checkout, so don’t add unnecessary styling and images that will slow your site down for the sake of it being pretty.

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