Do I Need To Use My Keywords Across Every Element Of My Page?

In the modern, digital age, it is more important than ever to ensure that you properly optimize your site’s content in order to make your business as visible as possible online. That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. SEO is designed to help your site rank higher in the organic search results on search engines by optimizing a number of different fields to inform search engines about the relevance of the content on your site. However, this raises a question: can you overoptimize your site’s content? Google’s John Mueller recently spoke on this topic during a Webmaster’s Hangout. He mentioned that overusing a keyword phrase on your page can negatively affect your site’s SEO. However, this raises a number of questions as it seems to clash with what he has previously said about on-page SEO to some degree. Let’s dive further into this topic below:

Best Keyword Practices

In a previous conversation, John Mueller has mentioned that you should add keywords to a number of different fields on your on-page SEO, including adding keywords to page titles, URLs, H1 tags, and content. However, this is the same advice that was being given to optimizers nearly 20 years ago, but algorithms have changed so much since then that it seems hard to believe that it’s as simple as that! However, completing a few searches will show you that not every query returns first page results that have the keywords you’ve searched for in their titles. This is because, while making sure you’ve used consistent keywords across your content is important, search engines have become smarter and more capable of understanding the content on a page and it’s relevance to a particular inquiry.

One of the most important advancements in this area is the invention of query expansion, which is the process by which Google is able to identify relevant content to a search inquiry by using synonyms and other methods to establish a common ground. This means that your content can rank well, even if an inquiry doesn’t exactly match the keywords on your site. This is in direct conflict with what Mueller said was most important, which is putting keywords across every facet of your page is important for SEO. Furthermore, Mueller has mentioned before that on pages that use a keyword over and over, particularly on e-commerce sites organized by categories, those pages often look suspicious.

All of this is not to say that you shouldn’t be consistently using keywords across your title tags and content, but just informs optimizers that there is more to producing quality, well-ranking content beyond making sure that every page’s keywords are consistent from your URLs to your page titles.

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