Do I Need To Optimize My Site for Voice Search?

If you’re working on optimizing your site in 2020, it’s important to know how the search landscape is shifting. As more & more citizens have Google Homes & Alexas, the use of voice search continues to rise. In fact, Google recently announced that 27% of its mobile searches are done via voice search. With such a large share of the market using this technology, that means that the way they search, and the phrases they use, must be considered when optimizing your site! If you’re interested in learning more about whether you need to consider voice search when optimizing your website, and what that entails, keep reading below!

The Rise Of Voice Search

Before we begin discussing the ways in which you’ll need to change your optimization efforts, let’s first examine what makes voice search SEO different. When it comes to optimizing for voice search, you need to think more about the ways in which people use natural language, rather than the way they type.

Voice search is primarily used when people don’t want to type out their questions, and want to search in a more convenient manner. This changes the ways in which questions are formulated and means that you need to reconsider the keywords you’re optimizing for. Let’s take a dive into that next:

How Do I Optimize My Site For Voice Search

To begin, you’ll want to think about the keywords you’re optimizing for. While you should, and likely already are, optimizing for long-tail keywords, that should be the main focus of your voice search optimization efforts. A vast majority of searches are already made with long-tail keywords, but you can think about your writing in a more conversational context.

Another great method for improving your voice search optimization is to consider creating more question & answer content. Consider the fact that many users who rely on voice search tend to use it for long-tail keyword-based questions, and it makes sense why creating content that answers questions can help improve your site’s SEO.

Lastly, one of the best practices for improving your voice search SEO is to simply ensure that your site is optimized for mobile search. Since an enormous portion of the voice search market is done on mobile devices, if your site isn’t optimized properly for mobile search, you won’t show up! Be sure to check your site’s mobile responsiveness and make sure the site works properly on mobile.

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