Do I Need A New Visual Identity For My Business?

In today’s day and age, visual and brand identity go hand in hand in creating a well-composed and authentic image for your service and material offerings. Because let’s face it, a company/brand is more than just a logo, and the design of it is more than just aesthetics of what was trendy at the time. Your visual identity should look good and be completely authentic to your business and your story, and it should hit your target market perfectly, creating and connecting a story. If you believe you currently have a poorly designed visual identity that is confusing and lackluster, have no fear. The branding experts at Boston Web Marketing have compiled our complete guide to inform you if you need a new visual identity for your business.


What Is & Why Is Visual Identity Important?

When done correctly, visual identity can communicate a particular feeling, message, or response without words or phrases. It can also increase your sales, drive traffic, and provide your business with new opportunities. This is important because it creates a consistent visual representation of your business that the consumer can easily recognize and comprehend.


Top Signs You Need To Refresh Your Visual Identity:


Your Visuals Are Dated

One of the most common reasons companies decide to update their visual identity is because their current one is outdated. A dated visual identity can include visuals, graphics, or language that were trendy five or ten years ago. It may also mean your visuals no longer transfer well from mobile to web to print, causing lackluster images.


It Is Not Uniform

The concept of having a great visual identity is having visuals that develop strong connections with consumers, whether existing or potential customers. If your visual message is not uniform and consistent, it becomes unrecognizable, making it hard for people to associate with the company.


Your Visuals Do Not Tell A Story

Consumers and people worldwide remember photos, visuals, and stories more than regular facts or speech. If your visual identity does not invoke a storyline or focus on a story, consider updating it. It does not have to add a random storyline; it can include incorporating your company’s values or customer experience.


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