Do City Pages Hurt or Help Local SEO?

Google became critical of published pages that do not add much value to a customer a few years ago, as this was considered poor content techniques through the Panda algorithm. This was claimed targeting doorway pages, article spinning, and various Blackhat SEO methods.
Back then, many local business owners would create pages around individual cities that they service, in hoping to catch a visitor’s attention. Due to overuse of poor content, Google has now changed things around and made it difficult to rank for the city pages. The trick to reverse this is building each page out with unique writing. Changing one or two sentences is not enough, Google will see this as a duplicate content which will trigger the Panda part of the algorithm.
Make the most of your city pages
Don’t focus on building out every single individual town that is around you. You want to list out target towns that are most important to you. A great tip we advise is to focus on each page and write what makes that particular city unique or different, did you work on any recent project in that city or interesting information that may benefit your readers? This will help your audience understand more about your services and their needs in that particular town.
Finally, Google will be moving to a mobile-first algorithm, you should be focusing on making the city pages to a mobile friendly usage. This will give the user the incentive that you care about their needs which can help convert the visitors to potential customers.
To summarize, if the city pages are done correctly, it can be an integral part of a local SEO strategy. If done poorly, it can get you penalized and hurt your search rankings. If you are looking to improve your business through SEO, get in touch and contact us at (857) 527-0096

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