Do 404 Errors Hurt My Site?

While you’re checking your Google Webmasters Tools, you notice that your crawl errors page is full of 404 errors! But don’t fret just yet, check through the 404 errors to see how they do and don’t affect your site.

Having 404 errors are common to have since the internet is always in flux and doesn’t affect your site’s ranking if you have 404 errors reported on Webmasters Tools. 404 errors are caused when you get rid of content entirely off your site and don’t have other content on your site that can fill it with the same user needs. Having some 404s on your site won’t count against you in Google’s Search Results however it is best practice to address your 404 errors. If those 404 errors are pages that you want on your site, it’s best to see why Webmasters Tools is getting those errors when they’re crawling your site. If you need help with fixing your 404 errors on your WordPress site, take a look at our blog! After applying a fix you can check to see if your fix it worked by using Fetch as Googlebot. Test some URLs that had errors, if they look good then the errors should disappear from your list of crawl errors.

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