DMCA Requests – Is Your Site Still Farming Content?

It seems like we visit this once a month but unfortunately there are still websites out there farming content. It’s time to stop! Penguin’s numerous updates should be enough to scare anyone away from farming content from other sites, but to make things a little bit clearer Google announced another reason not to farm content.  Today Google announced through their Blog that they will now penalize websites with excessive reports to the DMCA.

DMCA requests mostly come from copyright owners who are claiming infringement upon their content.  Google reviews all of these requests and those that are deemed to be “valid” are then dealt with. Those sites with excessive DMCA requests with face penalties from Google. The content on the site and the site itself can be subject to lower rankings based on the validity of the DMCA request.

Google is a little vague when it comes to defining “valid” but it implores a system of checks and balances by checking all claims against a counter notice database. This should help sites from being spammed with DMCA requests. The best possible way of avoiding the DMCA altogether is NOT FARM CONTENT. Writing content takes time and effort, but the rewards can be great. People around the internet are more worried with the possible penalties from Penguin and are not seeing the large rewards out there. The stock on original content is at an all-time high. It’s time to cash in and boost your site SEO with some good content with rich keywords.

For those sites that continue to farm content from other places Google Has its eye on you. Here are the top offenders to the DMCA.

– Matt Wilkos

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