Diversifying Your SEO Strategy

SEO strategy is always changing. Google regularly rolls out updates that flip the SEO world on its head and force everyone to adapt in order to keep up.  What worked for your site last week won’t necessarily work today.  That makes it all the more important to take advantage of all of the optimization techniques you have at your disposal. It’s also important to diversify in order to prevent oversaturation of a particular technique, which could potentially lead to manual penalties from Google. To learn more about what you can do to help diversify your content, keep reading below:

Diversify Content

As many optimizers know, content is often king, but it’s important to not get caught up on any single kind of content. You need to diversify the content you create in order to reach a wider audience. Consider creating a wide range of content including blog posts, infographics, FAQ’s podcasts, guides, case studies, testimonials, and more. The more you diversify your content, the more likely you are to have the kind of content that everyone is searching for.

It’s also important while diversifying your content to make sure you don’t focus too much on any single kind of content and box yourself in. You want to try to establish your site as an expert within the entirety of your industry, not any single, specific service.

Diversify Links As Well

While you’re working on diversifying your content, don’t forget to devote some time to diversifying your links as well. It’s important to use a variety of tactics to acquire more links, including link reclamation, getting links from unlinked mentions, or resource pages.

Diversifying your content will pay dividends as you try to build a quality backlink portfolio. Having a wider range of content will appeal to a broader audience, both on the client side, as well as if you are trying to reach out to create linking opportunities. Having a wide range of links from a diverse group of sites will help your site’s authority and lead to improved site rankings.

To Recap

Be sure to diversify both your content and your link building tactics to help improve your site’s rankings.  Even beyond SEO, be sure to diversify your marketing strategy in general.  The wide the net you cast, the bigger your haul will be, and that’s just as true for SEO as it is for marketing in general. For SEO, it’s important to not get caught up on your single page that ranks exceedingly well, just for Google to roll out an algorithm update that sinks its ranking. Diversification is key!

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