Diversify Your SEO Tactics

We know that successful search engine optimization results come from the use and combination of many different avenues over the internet; but good SEO tips for business owners is to diversify.  This one term can create major results for you when done correctly.

What are some of the ways to diversify your company and your website?

Traffic sources:  Make sure you are optimizing your listing on not just Google, but also Bing and Yahoo.  There are still some people who go to use those searches before Google.

Links: Make sure that you are internally linking within your website and acquiring valuable backlinks to your site from an array of other trusted sites.

Social media: Utilize each network, even if your business doesn’t use that outlet, in order to reach a larger, more diverse audience of future clients.  Also, provide business announcements, customer feedback, and reviews in order to connect to people within the social community.  

Blog posts: Blog followers do not want to spend their time reading about the same topic each time you post, switch up the topics, keep your readers interested and wanting more each time.  You will appear to your readers as a company or brand that is invested in a variety of information and informing your followers.

This list could go on regarding how to make sure you are diversifying your website and achieving the best potential SEO results.  Some avenues may be easier than others to master, but keep in mind that the more time and effort you invest in diversifying your content, the more successful your online reputation will be.

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