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We know that successful SEO results come from the culmination and utilization of many different avenues of the internet, but a recent article provided SEO tips for business-owners for the coming year and everything can be summed up in one crucial word: diversify.  This one word can create big results when done correctly, so why not start the New Year on the right foot and take action toward furthering your company or brand’s online exposure.

What are some of the ways to “diversify” your company and your website?  Traffic sources: focus not only on Google for exposure in the organic search results.  Make sure to optimize your listing on Bing and Yahoo as well, as there are still people who go to use those searches before Google.  Links: make sure that you are acquiring backlinks to your site from an array of other (trusted) sites.  Internal links should also vary, as you want to link to more pages than just one page, such as the “Contact Us.” Social media: try to utilize each network in order to reach out and touch a larger and more diverse audience of people and potential customers.  You should also diversify your point of view and the way you interact with people on these networks: provide interesting announcements, share a video, ask for customer feedback, etc. in order to really connect with each social media community.  Blog posts: blog followers don’t want to spend their time reading about the same topic each time you post, so try to think outside of the box in order to keep their interest sparked.  Changing up what you discuss on your blog not only provides your site with a better array of content, but you appear to your followers as a company or brand that is invested in sharing information and informing your community.

The list can go on and on regarding how to make sure you are diversifying your website and achieving the best potential SEO results.  Some avenues may be easier than others, but no matter how challenging you might feel this could be, remember that you more time and effort you invest in this particular strategy, the more successful and sustained your online reputation and overall presence will be.


By Casey Guntlow

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