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Digital Marketing Pages you should follow on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been coined as the professional version of Facebook. Like Facebook, LinkedIn is well known, and it shows little to no sign of slowing down soon. As LinkedIn grows as a networking tool for virtually every industry, it has also become a place of resources for professionals. We wanted to write a blog here on some of the favorite pages our SEO reps follow in order to grow in their field.

Think with Google

The ‘Think with Google’ Page is truly a great resource for business owners and individuals who have an interest in technology and marketing. Since Google has a wide range of products, solutions, and influence in everything from pop culture to politics, this page posts a little bit of everything. You will see statics regarding how users are searching in 2019 in addition to inspirational quotes by some of the brightest minds working at Google. If you are looking for more posts like those in ThinkWithGoogle, visits their website whose URL bares the same name. Within this site, you will see blogs, videos, and several Marketing Resources! You can also sign up for a newsletter to be updated via email.

Google Ads and Google Analytics Page

These are separate pages and for good reason. Both products have seemingly endless options for customization and metrics to report on. Both pages provide those who follow great 3-5 minute clips that explain how to perform a specific task within the product. From enhanced reporting to increasing Conversions within a campaign, these pages should be able to help.

Search Engine Land

A site we recommend to our employees to read, they also post their articles on LinkedIn. While it can be great hearing directly from Google their best practices and tutorials, Search Engine Land is seemingly unbiased and provides insights regarding new updates to Google’s Algorithms. Search Engine Land will regularly announce with Algorithm updates and follow up with monitoring traffic across the web and draw conclusions on types of sights and industries impacted.

Search Engine Land also provides insights regarding Bing and Yahoo search.

Boston Web Marketing

The Boston Web Marketing Linkedin pages post’s our blogs regularly as well! Our SEO reps are living and breathing SEO every day and are our content creators for said blogs. Unlike Google Product pages or Search Engine Land, comment and ask questions and our Linkedin Admin will be sure to get back to you!

If you have seen posts from these Linkedin Pages you want more information on, call Boston Web Marketing today. We are well versed in all things digital marketing and can recommend the best digital marketing solution for your business.

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