Digital Business SEO Opportunities During COVID19

Throughout the country, residents and citizens are being asked to stay home because of the COVID19 pandemic. This has led to many states adopting policies where all “non-essential” businesses are no longer able to operate in select states. Because of this, it is vital that businesses find quick solutions for interacting and engaging with their consumer base during the quarantine. Last week we wrote an article on how best to utilize social media and newsletters during this crisis, today we will look at how to update your website and take advantage of digital solutions.

Tips for Refreshing Your Website

Digitally speaking, your website is a part of your sales team. Everything from the navigation menu, to the homepage, calls to action, to mobile-friendliness impacts how effective your website is at generating leads and informing customers. That is why this downtime is a perfect time to assess and improve the following aspects of your website:

  • Calls To Action: Does your website have the right calls to action, which ones perform best, and are they highlighted well? CTAs are the main source of conversions for website traffic. Assess which pages have the highest traffic and lower conversion rates.
  • Organization: Content is the core of a website. Consider how the content on your website is organized. Is it easy to navigate your website and get to important content? Try and navigate your website on both your phone and computer. Look for ways to improve navigation.
  • Website Speed: Visit Google’s page speed insights tool to find out how your website performs on desktop and mobile devices. We have many resources on speeding up a website.
  • Mobile Optimization: Is your website mobile friendly? Even simply adding a sticky footer would go a long way in updating your mobile site.

Digital Solutions for COVID-19

We still do not know how long we will be fighting COVID19 and what that might look like. As our healthcare industry works to find treatments, immunizations, and other solutions, it is important for businesses to address how to best serve their customers. By now we have all seen how many companies are pushing gift cards or specials. But for other companies, it is important to consider how to connect with your customers. As we discussed in our newsletter guide, there are already too many email newsletters about COVID19. As the weeks continue, businesses should look for ways to engage their consumer bases in unique ways. Some gyms are offering virtual meetings with personal trainers or even group calls for classes. Cosmetic botox providers are providing virtual consultations. Many businesses are working on ways to help people adjust to working from home: electricians & contractors can install ethernet ports & set up home offices, carpet cleaning companies can help disinfect spaces, and so on. The key is to find ways to reorient services for the digital space or to help support the transition into COVID19 policies.

Get SEO Support From Boston Web Marketing

If you would like tailored digital support during these challenging times including analytics research, new business ideas, Google ads, and more, our team can help. At Boston Web Marketing we specialize in designing websites, creating and executing SEO/SEM strategies, and helping businesses quickly adapt to new challenges. Send us a message for a free website audit.

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