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What are Different Ways to Market on Black Friday?

Black Friday is a huge opportunity for businesses to see a significant increase in sales. Last year, with the COVID pandemic, businesses saw their online sales skyrocket.

Make sure your website and inventory are ready for this Black Friday, and use some of these ideas in your social media marketing strategy!

While there are effective baseline strategies for the upcoming holiday season, some of these approaches are less conventional. 

Support a Social Cause

A lot of brands have seen success in their marketing strategies by supporting a social cause. Some clothing brands donate proceeds to improving developing nations, and some water bottle brands donate to a clean water cause. 

Whatever products or services your brand creates, there are many different causes that you can choose from. It may not be feasible for your brand to donate 100% of the Black Friday sales.

Let your customers know the percentage you plan to donate or even donate some products (buy two t-shirts, we’ll donate the third). 

Avoid a Tight Deadline

Black Friday deals can lead to buyer’s remorse. In fact, one in five people regret their Black Friday purchase and felt pressured due to the impending deadline. 

Businesses can eliminate this dread by getting rid of any hard deadline. Elevate conscious consumption by extending sales, applying discounts to more products, and extending your campaign.

This means customers will buy things they actually want, and you will have less competition the week leading up to Black Friday.

Create a Reward

Many brands are pushing toward eco-friendliness, and rewarding your customers for their effort can be a good incentive. 

Businesses can create sustainability quizzes like Dai, where customers receive a percentage discount depending on their score. If you have a smaller brand, try using an Instagram poll instead.

Adjust Your Prices

Similar to the first idea, raising your prices can help with donations. For example, Allbirds increased all their prices by $1, which they then donated to environmental charities. 

Emphasizing community participation over sales can have a lasting impact on your brand and your audience. The most effective strategies go beyond social media and sales and promote long-term growth, loyalty, and drive value. 

Create a Black Friday Strategy with Boston Web Marketing

The experts at Boston Web Marketing can help provide the tools you need for success this holiday season. From organic marketing to website design to social media marketing, we have you covered. Let us know how we can help improve your marketing strategy today!

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