Different Social Media Accounts For Each Businesses Location

Should I have a different social media account for each of my business locations? 

If your asking yourself this question, then you’re already ahead of the pack.
Good social media accounts with frequent activity that outputs strong content and nurtures engagement is a great way to increase your web presence potential. If you’ve mastered that or are on your way to doing so, it might be useful to make individual social media accounts for each of your locations.

Why do this?
It does mean that you’ll have more on your plate, so if you can’t handle that, don’t do it. But, if you think you can, it’s worth the extra effort. It’ll create more back linking and location specific information that Google and other search engines find valuable and legitimize your sites algorythmic reputation all the more.

Which specific social media platforms should I focus on location specific pages?
The platforms you want to make location specific are the ones that are themselves location specific. As of now, the two major social media platforms that are location specific are Google+and Facebook Local Business pages.

For example, Google+ is integrated into Google maps/places, so a business’s Google+ account will act as rich and informative additional information that is provided to searchers when your business is found in Google Maps or a general Google search.

Facebook Local Business pages are also location specific. Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others are not location based platforms, so those can stay singular.

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