Differences Between Sessions, Users, & Pageviews

Differences in Reading Sessions, Users, & Page Views in GA4 & How to Use These Metrics to Develop Digital Marketing Strategy

GA4, also known as Google Analytics 4, is a tool used by digital marketers and website owners to measure and analyze website traffic and performance. This data can be used to track your website’s overall success and growth over time, as well as help you develop strategies to improve your online presence and increase conversions. With so many metrics available in GA4, it can be overwhelming to know which ones to focus on. Sessions, users, and page views are all important metrics to understand and track, but it can be confusing to tell the differences in what these mean. With such similar terminology, it’s easy to mix them up or assume they mean the same thing. In this blog, we will discuss each of these metrics, the information they provide, and how they can help you develop a successful digital marketing strategy to grow traffic and conversions.

Definition of Sessions, Users, & Page Views in GA4

Sessions, users, and page views are all used to measure website traffic. However, they each measure different angles of this traffic and provide unique insights into your website’s performance.


A session refers to the number of times your website was visited by a user within a specific time frame. In GA4, a session is measured as a 30-minute period of activity on your website. This means that if a user visits your website, leaves, and then returns within 30 minutes, it will still count as one session.


A user is the measurement of how many individual people visited your website in a given time. Unlike sessions, a user is counted as a unique visitor, meaning if the same person visits your website multiple times, they will be counted as only one user.

Page Views

Page views are the number of times a specific page on your website was viewed. Unlike sessions, page views tell you the traffic measured on a specific page rather than the entire website. Depending on how your website is set up, a single user can generate multiple page views during one session if they visit multiple pages on your site.

How to Read & Interpret Sessions, Users, & Page Views Data in GA4

When using these metrics to track the performance of your website, each one provides valuable information that can be used to improve your digital marketing strategy.

Sessions Indicate User Engagement

As mentioned, sessions inform you of how many times your website was visited. This metric is a good indicator of how much time users are spending on your site and engaging with your content. A high number of sessions can indicate that users find your website interesting and are willing to spend time exploring it.

Users Help Understand Your Audience

Understanding who your audience is and how they interact with your website is essential for developing a successful digital marketing strategy. If you compare the number of users to the number of sessions on your website, you can determine the average number of sessions per user. A low user count, but a high number of sessions per user could indicate that your website is attracting a dedicated audience who return frequently. On the other hand, a high user count with low sessions or conversions per user could mean your website appeals to a wide audience, but they are not engaging with your content as much.

Page Views Identify Popular Content

By analyzing the number of page views, you can determine which landing pages on your website attract the most traffic. This can help you identify which pages are performing well and which may need improvement. If you notice that one of your service or blog pages is generating a high number of page views, you can focus on optimizing that page for conversions and potentially use it to attract more users. You can also use the content strategy on these pages to further improve the pages that are not performing well.

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