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Did Instagram Upgrade Their Stories Feature?

To keep up with other platforms upgrades, Instagram has added new features to its “Stories” option within the app. This new added flair to the “Stories” option is to help enhance the character of stories for each user. At the moment this option is not available to advertisers but only time will tell when these features will become available to them.

The first feature that Instagram has implemented to their stories is the addition of stickers. Users can add these stickers to their stories after they have finished recording or taking a picture. The current stickers that have been added to add character to your stories include weather, current time and location. These stickers can be dragged across the canvas as well as being resized to a size that the user wants. In addition to these stickers, Instagram has honed in to their holiday spirit by adding holiday themed stickers. The holiday stickers range from candy canes, gingerbread men to other themed stickers such as a menorah, snow globe, Christmas tree and more.

Another feature that Instagram added to their “Stories” is one that will make the user experience much more enjoyable. Users can now take video with out having to hold down the record button. Instagram has implemented a hands-free option when people want to record video for their story. This one tap feature will enhance user experience and make it easier for users to get their stories out faster and with better quality.


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