Did Google Release New Tools For Mobile Page Speed?

With mobile being a leading factor in searches and everyday use, it is not surprising that Google is making a push to get marketers and webmasters to improve their mobile site experiences. To help with this push, aside from their Mobile-First Index, the search engine giant released two new tools: a new Mobile Scorecard and a conversion Impact Calculator.

The Mobile Scorecard uses Chrome User Experience Report data to compare the speed of multiple websites on mobile devices. This tool can report thousands of sites from up to 12 countries and it uses the same data that PageSpeed Insights Tool uses. Just enter the URL of the website in question and the scorecard will give you the amount of time the site takes to load on mobile devices.

The Impact Calculator is designed to show marketers how much conversion revenue a website is missing out on if it loads slowly on mobile. Within the calculator, you can see how a change in page load speed can drive revenue up or down. This tool is similar to the DoubleClick Publisher Revenue Calculator. This is a great way to put data from the Mobile Scorecard into monetary value for reports and stakeholder meetings. The Impact Calculator can also be a great tool to help e-commerce websites generate more money while improving their website.


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