Did Google Launch a New Business Friendly Tool?

Yes, this week Google launched a new user- friendly tool that tests your website’s mobile friendliness & page speed for desktop and mobile devices all in one location. On the Google Small Business Blog, it was announced that this tool will make it easier for small businesses to test their website speed rather than going to specific mobile-friendly testing tool and a separate page testing tool. The new tool will be available here and has some major benefits.  You can get the scores of your website’s mobile friendliness, page speed for both desktop and mobile all in one place. Google will also email you a more detailed report for you and now score your website’s mobile friendliness from out of 0 to 100 instead of just stating whether it’s mobile friendly or not like they used to.  Make sure to give your site a test! Websites being mobile friendly is a big ranking factor for Google so check out our blog to read more about Google’s algorithm!

Below are some screen shots of this new Google tool:

new google speed testing tool
mobile friendly and page speed testing tool from google

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