Did Google Just Update Its Quality Ranking?

Although Google has not confirmed any reports, there is quite the buzz among the SEO community that Google may have just pushed out the latest “Quality Update”. On November 19th, many people saw a noticeable shift in their search results which may indicate the latest update in Google’s Quality algorithm.

Back in May, Google had confirmed the Quality Update about two weeks after it was noticed. And this was also followed by the 2013 unconfirmed update which was originally nicknamed Phantom. So, could Google be on the cusp of announcing yet another update in the very near future?

What the previous two updates had in common is that no one knew what they were involving at first, with Google eventually confirming weeks later. The second phantom update or “Phantom 2” was eventually confirmed to be the “Quality Update”.

Could this shift in many search results, causing a buzz among webmasters, mean a new Quality Update on Google? At the moment, no one is able to confirm but there is a lot of evidence pointing to a new update. In typical Google’s fashion, we will have to wait and see if Phantom 3 turns out to be the latest in Googles Quality Updates.

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