Did Google Add Buttons on Product Cards For Desktop Search?

Google has added a new feature to its card-style product listing ads where marketers can add buttons to these cards. For ads that appear on the right side of search results on desktop web results, searchers will now see buttons for “details,” “reviews,” and “stores.” When these buttons are clicked on, the details are overlaid on top of the search results page where more information is shown on the product. This is a similar feature that Google does for their mobile search but has slight differences for the desktop version.

The Buttons 

As mentioned before, if you perform a search that triggers Google to show a shopping card or panel on the right side of the page you will see the buttons. If you search for “iPhone XR” or similar searches you will be able to see the new feature in action. Below is a screenshot of what the panel will look like:

screen grab of search result for iphone xr

The Overlay

Once a button is clicked on, whether reviews, details, or stores, you will be shown an overlay with more information. Below is an example of what the overlay will look like:

overlay screengrab

Does It Matter?

What this means for businesses and marketers is that there is another avenue on the web where you can promote your products. Now searchers have a new way to find products within web searches and this move is another step for Google to become a one-stop shop for all searching needs.

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