Did Google Add A Follow Button To Mobile Search Results?

Mobile searchers in the Google app can now have an easier way to stay up to date with their favorite topics withe the addition of Google’s new mobile search feature. This feature is the addition of a “follow” button so users can follow certain topics of interest. This feature, currently, shows up when you do a mobile search for movies, TV shows, sports teams, musicians, and celebrities. After performing that search, you will see a “follow” button that you can tap to add the topic to your feed.
Along with this new feature, Google has stated that their feed will be including more machine learning algorithms which are to anticipate what a user may find interesting. This upgraded feed will measure a user’s level of interest of various topics. These calculations will factor in to what stories the app will show in your personal feed.
If you are more interested in cooking rather than sports and you have followed certain cooking topics, your feed will reflect the topics you are more interested. What your feed will include are news articles, videos, pictures and other stories regarding your interest search topic.
You can use this new feature by opening the Google App which is available for both Android and IOS devices.

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