Did A Significant Google Algorithm Just Roll Out?

While businesses basked in the limelight of their top 5 ranking results, the rest of the first page results (positions 6-10) were in shambles due to an unexpected Google Algorithm update.

The update, which presumably went out on June 25, targeted websites ranking on the first page sitting in positions 6 through 10. SEO gurus including those from Search Engine Journal have noted that an update like this hasn’t been seen since October 2016 — which means we should probably tune in to what’s happening, who is affected, and why.

Industries Hardest Hit by Algorithm Update

Although it seems all industries have been affected in some shape or form, the industry hit hardest was the food and beverage, followed by health and fitness, gambling, retail and travel websites, respectively. It’s been known that businesses ranking in positions 6 through 10 fluctuate more on average than those in 1 through 5. However, this isn’t just a normal occurrence according to specialized tracking tools such as RankRanger and SEMRush.

When asked, Google did not confirm a major algorithm update (contrary to what tracking tools detected).

Was Your Website Affected?

So what does one do after a major algorithm update? Our Boston SEO company highly recommends conducting a quick search results check of the five major keywords you are trying to target. If you have previous records of where you ranked in the last month or two and you find that your page 1, 7th position has suddenly bumped to page 2, then this could be the result of the June 25 algorithm update. At the moment, it’s unclear whether or not this updated was related to Panda or Penguin, but we hope to see search ranking fluctuations settle down in the next few weeks.

If you’re looking to improve your search rankings, please contact our SEO company in Boston for a free website and SEO assessment.

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