Developing Content for Specific Audiences in 2016

In 2016, SEO and content creation teams will begin focusing more on developing content for specific purposes and audiences. Content will be developed to be engaged with by specific audiences. Content will not be developed just for the sake of adding text to your site, but rather to have content that your target audience will engage with. This means that your content articles, blog posts, and news stories will be linked to from other sites. They will be shared on social media channels and discussed on social bookmarking sites.

Content creation in 2016 will rely more on research, intelligence, and planning than ever before. When planning your content calendars for 2016, look back on your most shared and consumed content from 2015. Use insights from these posts to get ideas for content that could be successful in 2016. Use Google Webmasters Tools and Analytics to find your most successful blog posts in terms of search queries and traffic. If you see queries with a high impression count and low clicks, this means there is potential to develop content around that query to turn those impressions into clicks.

Use the history of your content creation and search traffic insights to develop content that will actually be engaged with in 2016.

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