Developing Consistent Instagram Content

Do your Instagram posts fail to generate results? A well-designed Instagram content plan can help brands engage and grow their audiences. This blog will help you to learn how to develop an Instagram content plan that increases brand awareness and conversions. Please continue reading to discover how to create your Instagram content plan.


Discover Your Objective

Make sure you understand what your Instagram goal is or is not. What do you hope to achieve? Are you trying to grow your audience, increase engagement, or generate sales? By determining your goals, you will better tailor your content. In addition, you can set various key performance indicators, also known as KPIs, for your Instagram campaign to track different points of analysis. It is beneficial to separate your goals into other milestones you would like to reach along the way after selecting your plan and KPIs. How can you increase engagement with content, topics, or content series?


Create a Calendar

In addition to guiding your path, a content calendar helps you meet your objectives and set a campaign’s end date. As a result, you’ll know when you’ve reached your goal and can adjust and analyze how to improve your content strategy for your next campaign. Besides keeping ideas and campaigns in order, a content calendar can help identify any content gaps and help build consistency. This is essential for Instagram. Plan which days of the week you will cover in your content plan for the month, quarter, or recent campaign. As a final step, you can prepare a simple Google, Word, or Excel doc with your topics, days you’ll be posting, captions, and hashtags. This is so that you can copy and paste when you’re ready to schedule your posts.


Stay Consistent With Your Theme

Establishing a brand guide or tone of voice can help you keep your content consistent.

Your posts should also follow a similar theme, so you should keep the font, color, and style consistent. Gather information like fonts, color schemes, and more from your website. Take a color picker and identify themes from your logo, website content, and more. Instagram itself allows you to utilize tools within their story to add stickers, different style fonts, and more to ensure your consistency. Lastly, consider using a preset filter for your posts to ensure everything is cohesive.


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