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Design Tips For A Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

When it comes to email marketing, they can either be boom or bust. They are used to keep your followers, clients, interested parties, etc. active and up to date with your business. However, many email marketing campaigns are seen as just spam email and sometimes have little impact on the goals a business is trying to reach. One aspect of having a good email marketing campaign is having a good email design, one that makes the reader want to read what the email has to offer. With an email campaign, any aspect of the design can either make or break your chances of a reader reading that newsletter. It can be based on factors such as color, length, subject line, etc. Below are some tips on how to design your email so that your email campaign will be fully optimized. An email that is not only attractive but is designed well can go a long way with achieving a company’s goals for email marketing.

Brand Experience

People tend to associate companies or brands with certain things. Whether it is the logo, color scheme of your company, or the layout of your website. With an email, you want to make sure you are not confusing your audience. Make sure that the emails in your campaign all follow the same design as your website. Include the same colors, font styles, font colors, images, and logos if you have one. If a reader gets an email from a brand known for vibrant colors, then that is what they expect in the email; vibrant colors. If your company is known for vibrant colors but you emails contain boring and bland colors, then your audience might get confused and think it is from another company or spam.

Keep It Clean

Since more that 50% of emails are viewed on mobile devices, email formatting is very important in order to have a successful email campaign. You want your email to be legible as well as useful to you and the reader. Make sure you have big bold headlines and good Call To Actions that are noticeable. To get the most out of your CTA’s make sure you place them above the fold as this is the area where most readers spend the most time as well as it being the first area they see after opening. Since emails are viewed on mobile, the small font can be dreadful to some readers eyes. This is why you need to make sure your font size is at least 14-16 PX, as well as building in white space.


Readers in this day and age tend to favor images while reading. The brain can process visuals faster than text, and images make things more interesting rather than long paragraphs of words. When creating your emails, make sure that you choose images that are relevant to the topic, showcase your brand as well as your customer. If you have good quality images, then you will not need to write extensively as the images will tell the story.


Although readers do prefer images and videos, that does not mean that you should leave your copy writing skills at the door. When creating your email, make sure your content is eye grabbing, sends the message you want, and follows the emails format. You want to make sure your subject line is good enough for the email to be open, and that your CTA’s are big enough for people to click on them. In regards to the copy, you want to have copy that fits the formatting of the email. If your format seems fun and friendly, having boring Times Roman font will deter from the rest of the email. You also want to make sure you do not have too much copy, just enough to show why the reader should click on the CTA.


People may not know this but color is an important aspect when it comes to the reactions of audience. This is because certain colors give off certain feelings or reactions to readers when they come upon a certain color. For example, red gives of a sense of urgency, green promotes relaxation and blue which entails loyalty and trust. Depending on the story you are trying to get across, certain colors will help relay that message. Try different colors out to make sure they represent the emotion you are putting in the email but make sure it still fits with the brand and formatting of the email.


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