Design High-Converting Landing Pages

Is your website getting traffic to it’s landing pages but not converting inbound leads? If your search engine optimization, online ad spend & web design efforts are not converting users, something has to give. We are here to give you some pointers on creating a high converting landing page!

Create a Concise Landing Page

First, your landing page should have a singular purpose and focused message. When a user arrives at your landing page, there should be no surprises or confusion regarding how or why they got there. You want them to arrive and be ready to convert!

Keep Action above the Fold

Whether you are making users request a quote, sign up for your newsletter, or submit their phone number, you want to ensure the ‘action’ is above the fold of the page. Your landing page should not require users to scroll at all to accomplish the goal of the page. This does not mean you cannot include more information further down the page though. Feel free to include testimonials & other additional information below the fold with more call to actions providing your landing page more opportunity to convert users.

Consider & Tailor the Page to Mobile Users

It is common knowledge today that a majority of web traffic comes from users on mobile devices. Be sure upon publishing your landing page, it is easy to use for users that are on mobile devices. Users that run into design or functionality issues on a web page are significantly more likely to ‘bounce’ from the page and move onto a competitor.

Page Speed is Important

Similar to users finding a page not optimized for mobile devices, if your web page doesn’t load quickly, users will leave without completing an action. To review page speed, utilize Google’s Lighthouse Devolvement Tool you can find when inspecting the page.

More Tips & Best Practices for Landing Pages

Here are some more tips to take into consideration when designing a landing page!

  • Ensure the primary headline of your landing page matches the ad visitors clicked to get there.
  • Make your call to action (CTA) big, bright, and above the fold.
  • Pictures are great, but don’t have too much clutter that you distract your visitors from the main purpose of the landing page.
  • Show your product/service being used in context.
  • If your product or service has been successful for others, share this with your visitors.
  • Add social proof for credibility (Facebook likes, Retweets, etc).
  • Provide a guarantee related to your product, as long as you can support it.
  • Include partner co-branding to increase trust by association.
  • Simplify using bullets.
  • Show your phone number so people can call and know you are real.
  • Finally, don’t send traffic to your homepage. Get them to your landing page!

Boston Web Marketing: Optimizing Landing Pages to Improve Conversion Rates for Clients

If your website needs help creating impactful landing pages to improve the number of leads your site generates, call the experts at Boston Web Marketing today! Our team of graphic design & SEO account managers have the web editing skills and know-how to increase the traffic directed to your landing page and the number of qualified inbound leads it generates.

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