CTR: Keep an Eye on This KPI

The Important of Click Through Rate

It is impossible to determine which KPI is the most important. Although, many SEO professionals would say that CTR, or click through rate, is up there as one of the most important and crucial to pay attention to. There are many other good answers, such as the number of backlinks, but all of the others fall short when compared to the importance of CTR because if individuals are not clicking through to your site there is a problem.  Individuals looking to fully optimize their website would do well to pay close attention to this KPI and, if there is a dip in data, address the issue immediately.

Identifying Where to Improve

Identifying where the problem lies is the first step in making sure your click-through rate is as high as possible. Even if the website has a positive overall CTR there are always several keywords that are falling short and can be further optimized to increase the rate at which people click through to the site. The best way to examine this is to enter Google search console and download all of your query data. Following this, plot CTR vs. average position of the organic queries and examine the trend. Keywords that are underperforming can be clearly identified this way in order to continue optimizing your site in every way possible.

How to Improve

Once you have identified which keywords need to be optimized for, it is time to determine the best way to go about optimizing for improved CTR. The best way to do this is to make sure that all of your page titles are of high quality because subpar page titles are far too common and contribute heavily to low CTR. The first step to a quality title is to make sure that it clearly articulates the type of content that will be found on the page. By outlining the content that will be found as well as the format it is presented in will help individuals not only gain a better understanding of what the page contains but also whether or not they wish to click through and often if it is quality content, they will do so. Another great way to improve your page title is to make sure that it delivers a promise to users. Individuals on search engines are obviously searching for something. By delivering a promise in your title, whether that be for deals or information the user is looking, for will help to increase the rate at which these users click through to your site. Although, optimizing your title is not the only way to increase your websites CTR. Just as there are many answers as to what is the most important KPI, there are numerous ways to increase your CTR

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