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As you optimize your Google+ Profile, you will see a small box titled “link website” to the right of the space where you can enter your site’s URL. If you click this button, you will be prompted to add a small line of code to the head of your site. This code will provide a link from your website to your Google+ profile.

Cross linking with your Google+ profile will give the Google Search Bots more content to see when they crawl your site, according to information provided by Google. By linking your site to your Google+ profile, Google will both see more of you content, which is good for your site, and Google+ gets more traffic, which is good for Google. Google is interested in driving more users and traffic to its budding social media platform and benefits from websites linking into the social product it has been pushing for a little over a year.  Business owners who are skeptical of using Google+ as part of their online marketing strategy should consider that they are most likely already playing by Google’s rules on every other portion of their website in order to improve their Google ranking. Sites need to be monitored to stay in line with Google Search’s Best Practices and generating fresh content is essential to ranking well on Google. Working an optimized Google+ profile into your online strategy is another way that a business owner can make sure that they are doing everything they can to improve their position on the Google Search results page.

Adding this link will not only lead Google to more of your content, it will also improve your visibility as Google continues to push more social search functions onto the Google Search results page. As Google continues to develop Google+, cross linking your Google+ Profile and your website will make your site eligible for Google+ Direct Connect and help your Google+ Profile more visible on the Google Search results page.

Google+ Direct will help make your Google+ profile more accessible. Google+ Direct Connect will allow users to type +(your profile name) into Google Search and have your profile instantly appear. For example, searching “+Boston Celtics” takes you directly to the Boston Celtics Google+ Page.

Cross linking will also make your Google+ profile eligible to appear on the right side of the Search Results page across from the traditional organic search results. Google is developing more ways to incorporate social media, specifically its brand of social media, into its results page. By having your Google+ page cross linked with your website, you will have the opportunity to rank twice on the Google search results page. More listings on the results page translate into more ways to be found.

Managing social media and staying on top of the new products that Google offers can be a full time job. Fortunately, Boston Web Marketing’s Account Executives and Account Managers are here to work together with you to make sure you web presence is fully optimized and that your social media presence is helping you get found online.

-Andrew Wise

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