Creating Viral Content to Improve SEO

An exponential amount of traffic can be driven to a website through “online word-of-mouth” alone. Achieving success with no traditional promotional support can seem nearly impossible, but it is actually quite simple when you implement interactive content.

First and foremost, interactive content must be clickable. When a user looks at your link or description they must feel intrigued enough to read further into it. Next, make your content playable. If your visitor doesn’t find your content enjoyable to read, then don’t expect them to go back to your website. Lastly, it’s crucial that your content is shareable so visitors have a strong urge to tell others and pass it along.

Below are a few more tips to making content viral:

  • Positive content will go viral. Stay away from negativity.
  • Share practical, useful information.
  • Use high-arousal emotion.
  • Keep content short and limit videos to 30 seconds.
  • Incorporate lists and images.
  • Make social media posts appropriate.
  • Use content that either entertains or educates.

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