Creating Social Media Content That Builds Your Brand

Social media becomes increasingly important each day. With a massive chunk of the world’s population on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, adding your brand to these platforms is only going to help. Have a strategy ready and present your brand as best as possible to make your social media efforts pay off. Here are some tips and tricks to make your brand more marketable on social media accounts:

Create images with a purpose

When you think of the companies that you know and trust, they usually have perfect branding and design, with an Instagram aesthetic that fits their target audience. When their social media profiles look professional, they can seem like a more credible business. As an example, Aveeno is known to be one of the most trusted brands of 2019. They have a clean look to their Instagram and have nice images. They use similar colors to create a nice flow. 

Tell a story you’d want to hear

“Social media is over-saturated, so my company doesn’t need to be on there.” This is a phrase that you might hear from entrepreneurs or small businesses. Still, social media is where your brand can spread its wings as real employees share advice, what they see in the industry, and how they’re overcoming challenges.

Bringing your designs to life

So when you know what you want to say and have excellent design ideas, you can either hire a designer to come up with a logo or image for your brand or do it yourself. 

DIY design

Canva is a design site that has been around for a while, but its free version is often underrated. With Canva, you can use already existing templates or bring your vision to life. They also have templates with the exact sizing to match each social media platform. This is a great way to make a logo for your brand or create any flyer you want to post to your accounts.

Communicate with humans

There are ways to build your brand without having a design on every single social media post. The main idea of social media is to connect with others. Right now, with COVID-19, connecting with people virtually has never been more crucial. With some small business not opening up, it’s essential to get your message efficiently. Whether you are trying to make online sales or promote the store for when it open, social media is the place to do it.

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