Creating Original Content for SEO

One of the most important ranking factors by Google is the quality of content(text) on a websites homepage and sub pages. In the SEO industry we like to say that “Content is King” because it really is that important. When you add text to your home page describing your business, it is important that your content is original. Stealing and copying other sites information will reduce the chances of a high potential ranking on Google and may result in Google penalizing you.

Once you begin to generate fresh and original content it is important to incorporate words that you wish to be found for. If you’re a Plumber in Cape Cod it is important you have text throughout your site that include these two keywords. Google will now be able to distinguish your website from other competitors because you have a descriptive and original site.

Your websites home page will be the most visited page and it is important that users and Google can get an understanding of your site before traveling further into the site.

Creating good content is also important throughout the whole entire site. In a previous blog, “Where Can I Add Pages to My Website?” you can see how this process works.

Many websites are really slacking with content and wonder why their Google rankings are so poor. If a user can’t understand your business and its services you provide when visiting a site, Google certainly won’t recommend you to others.

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