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Creating a 2016 Editorial Calendar

Since many PR firms are satisfied with the goals they’ve hit for the 2015 year, they may be ready to pump the breaks and reap the rewards. However, the demand on marketing and PR to increase revenue continues to rise. In fact, Content Marketing Institute’s Robert Rose explains that 95% of the most effective content marketers have a strategy vs 55% of the least effective.

The most important aspect of PR to remember is that all content is a piece of your brand’s PR. In order to achieve consistency and cohesion, all content must be connected. Topics, content format, and content types must be balanced. Take a look at last year’s outreach. What underperformed? What was successful? Think about what is worth repeating and what should be cut.

After deciding on your content, the next step is to identify when you will publish the content. It’s best to review each three month quarter and then narrow it down by month, week, and day. You can uncover newsworthy trends by going over the holidays, seasonal events, and conferences that influence your industry.

Utilize resources such as Google Trends to see a specific topic’s search queries and news coverage. By monitoring this, you can easily avoid promoting irrelevant content. In addition to this, check your overall revenue and content goals each quarter. If they’re not met, adjust your priorities for the upcoming months.

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