Create a More Authoritative Google Authorship Account

Last week I covered the 15% decrease in Google authorship display in SERPs and this week we are going to briefly cover how to improve your Google Authorship. Matt Cutts, head of Spam at Google, said that the decrease in authorship display in SERPs was to eliminate lower quality sites and reward those with a more authoritative authorship account. So how can you make your Authorship account seem more authoritative?

We have a few recommendations to help improve your authorship account:

  • Increasing New Article Production: Stay up to date on the latest news for your industry. Producing high quality “ever green” content on a given topic will help increase the authoritativeness of your account.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Were you the first one to write about a given topic? Try to stay ahead of the latest trends. Does your business offer seasonal services? Try posting about upcoming services a month in advance.
  • Increase Google+ activity: Follow other Google+ business pages and increase interaction. Interacting with other pages, people and businesses shows Google that you are actively engaged with a range of audiences. This can also increase the spread of an article that you posted online.
  • Multiple Websites: Do you post for multiple websites? If so considering adding your authorship to all of your businesses.


Authorship is a work in progress and Google rewards those who continue to work on their account. If you have lost authorship all together or just seen a decrease or difference in the Rich snippet display in SERPs don’t give up!


By Matthew Wilkos

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