Crafting the Perfect About Us Page

According to analytics, the About Us page is one of the most frequented pages on a website but is quite a challenging page to write. The biggest struggle is finding the right balance between selling yourself to the customer without driving them away by discussing your business too much.

Talk About Your Audience

Online shoppers are focused on how products and services can benefit them. Begin by dedicating your About Us page to your audience’s main objectives such as why they have come to your site. Stating facts proves beneficial like discussing your client retention rate to the amount of new products you offer per month. Perhaps discuss the number of awards you have collected as well.

Incorporate Customer Testimonials

Create reassurance with your customers by incorporating rave reviews and client testimonials. Let your new audience feel comfortable with your services. Include photos and accreditation to build trust in your brand.

Include Contact Details

Potential customers will feel weary about a business that doesn’t disclose their address or information. They may be wondering what else you are holding back. Make sure your email and telephone are up-to-date because this could end up costing you a sale.

Remain Consistent

If the rest of your website gives off a modern feel, don’t put your testimonials in vibrant colors or include boxy shapes. Consider the About Us page like a meeting point; don’t scare away your potential customers. By maintaining consistency you are giving your brand more authority.



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