COVID-19, Virtual Transaction Call-to-Action Updates Live on Google My Business

Google has recently rolled out new updates for Google My Business to help businesses feature new digital conversions, COVID-19 Updates, and Information, and provide featured posts. The new features are likely to help businesses address major operational challenges during the pandemic and provide accessible ways for consumers to purchase goods and services. This is just another in an already lengthy list of support services to address the current crisis surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The changes include new form fields under the business information section that will allow users to provide links to digital services and policies surrounding the coronavirus. Businesses can provide links to landing pages that discuss new policies as well as transaction-focused pages. Google My Business is an increasingly critical platform for local SEO and reputation management, which means that the new COVID-19 related features can help businesses more effectively market new service lines, educate users on how they operate during the pandemic, and ultimately drive more traffic from local customers.

Last week, Google provided nearly $800 million for funding to help educate search engine users about the pandemic, while also supporting small business operations with a significant portion of that money. The search engine giant has acted steadfast since cases of the coronavirus surged globally in mid-March of 2020. The new changes run parallel to the extensive effort by Google’s leadership to rollout support during the crisis. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google, consistently provided new updates related to COVID-19 and new features that can help support new and informative marketing channels.

Where to find COVID-19, Digital Check-In Fields on Google My Business

Businesses that have new landing pages or call-to-actions specific for COVID-19 just have to navigate to the “INFO” panel on Google My Businesses and edit the form field. These links can appear on your listing in local results when added. They will look like this under the editor:

Simply confirm the new URL in order to have it featured on the listing of your choice! Website visitors can then find your newest service lines within a local search on Google! In this example, a doctor’s office has a new field related to telehealth so they can virtually diagnose, consult, and treat patients.

Providing COVID-19 Updates for Your Businesses via GMB Posts

Google My Business posts can help businesses quickly promote their latest news, promotions, and other urgent updates for new and returning users. In fact, Google is adding a new category of post called “COVID-19 Update” to help patients get this need.

Just make sure you choose the correct update and provide an immediate post with a unique featured “COVID-19 Update” related to your operations, services, and other needs. Additionally, you can add temporary closing hours if there is a sudden need to close or suspend operations. Just edit the info panel and click “close temporarily” on the right-hand side. However, it will help educate your users much more efficiently if you add an updated GMB post to supplement the change!

If you have any other questions, please reach out to our team! Or keep scrolling through the blog to learn about other ways to incorporate successful marketing strategies during this challenging time!

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