Could Google My Business Quotes Add Meaningful Search Conversion Channels?

Google My Business offers businesses both large and small a more targeted method for attracting local consumers, garnering online visitors, and ultimately getting more conversions. But did you know that Google is rolling out new features that may provide even more conversion paths for businesses of all sizes?

According to Search Engine Journal and other online users, Google is testing a new “Request Quote” button that allows visitors to potentially explore new service and estimate their average expenses for a new product/service/provider. The button has appeared in mobile results for certain businesses that are beta testing the product, which has already experienced positive reviews from businesses and end-users alike.

Could this provide another value-add and competitive advantage for businesses that optimize their search performance and SEO? However, the new button may not reflect any new conversions based on the traffic brought to the site, which could provide marketers with inaccurate traffic-to-conversion ratios. Per Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern:

This has the potential to generate more leads for businesses. Although it also does what Google has been often criticized for doing – which is keeping people in Google.

Searchers can now request quotes from businesses without ever visiting the business’s website. It can all be done within Google’s services.

Clearly, that’s not great for traffic. But the purpose of a business website, for the most part, is to generate leads.

Could small businesses provide immediate quotes and conversion with the new tool? What does it mean for SEO?

Right now, the new beta feature means that most websites and businesses won’t be able to coordinate SEO efforts with the new “request quote” button. However, when new tracking and updates are released by Google it could provide a new way to add an additional conversion tool that complements current SEO efforts.

But could this tool potentially be useful to indicate if SEO is working for your website?

As we’ve discussed on the BWM Blog before, Google is known for rolling out algorithmic updates that impact search, tracking, backlinks, and SEO quality/authority. With some times, marketers will want to keep an eye on this feature to see if they can retain more users, convert more visitors, and ultimately scale their SEO efforts.

In the meantime, it helps to consult an expert to optimize your website and other SEO efforts. If you’re interested in a search audit, or other ways to improve your online presence, click here to learn more and contact Boston Web Marketing!

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