Copywriting for mobile

Mobile users have significantly increased over the years and it is evident that mobile traffic is important for business. So how do you tackle copywriting for mobile? We shared some helpful tips to help you get started.
1. Target Audience. An important SEO factor is knowing how to improve your audience reading experience by writing what your audience wants to see when reading your post.
2. Make your fonts large enough. User experience is a big element when it comes to mobile users. You want your readers to be able to read your post without “pinch and zoom”, this can essentially drive your readers away.
3. Write short sentences. Longer sentences will be spread over on mobile, keep in mind that writing longer sentences on mobile will make remembering keywords in the short term memory even harder.
4. Check your subheadings and white space. Work on captivating your subheadings to keep your audience engaged with your post. Limit the number of sentences in a paragraph and use sufficient white space. That’ll make a text much easier to digest.
5. Keep an eye on text-structure. Make sure to keep the structure of your text flawless. If your text is well structured it will bring an easier understanding to your readers and grasp idea the meaning of your post.
Copyrwriting for mobile is no different to writing for a desktop. The main purpose is ensuring you are sending out a clear message to your audience. For more information on how to optimize your business, please feel free to reach out to our sales team at or contact us at 857-526-0096

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