Contributor Boards: Pinterest’s Marketing Gem

We have discussed Pinterest and its growing popularity before, but here focus remains on one of its specific attributes: Contributor Boards.  Contributor Boards often remain an unknown or unused feature of Pinterest, but when trying to market your service or products on this network, they can be the easiest way to save time and energy while also achieving greater exposure.

Just like the name implies, Contributor Boards get others to contribute to your own Pinterest board.  Essentially, you are letting others do the work for you.  After creating a board targeted to a specific brand, product, etc., you simply invite others to add on as well.  Once a contributor is added, your board automatically gets added to their page, immediately opening the door to a bigger audience.  The bigger your audience, the bigger your presence and the more opportunity for new clientele.

Some tend to invite current customers to add to their boards, but another suggestion is to add other colleagues.  These are the people that are most familiar with your brand or product, and are more apt to have audiences on their own pages that are interested in what your page has to offer.  The old saying “two heads are better than one” can certainly apply here, as Contributor Boards give you the opportunity to combine forces with other people, show others your audience interaction and also maintain your social media presence.

Contributor Boards provide a greater variety of content, can peak more interest, and are ultimately just a great way to expand your impact on Pinterest.  Not only are they fun, but they are probably the best and easiest way to utilize Pinterest Marketing and maintain involvement in this area of social media.

-Casey Guntlow

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