Content Sharing: When and Where

In terms of social media management, a company that is hoping to expand its online presence and business-related content can do so in a number of ways.  One such way, whether it is through Facebook, Twitter or another online social outlet is by sharing links.  These links can bring someone directly to a company’s landing page, a listing site with positive reviews, an interesting blog post and more.  However, recent research claims that if you really want these links to achieve the best exposure and impact within that particular online community, the timeframe in which you post those specific links (as well as the network you are posting them on), matters., a service that offers shortening, sharing and tracking of URL’s, conducted research revealing that depending on Twitter or Facebook (two key social networking platforms), the time and even the day that you provide a link online can truly alter the amount of traction you receive.   For Twitter, it is estimated that the most opportune time to share link content is between 1pm and 3pm, and specifically on days that are earlier in the week (Monday being the best).  This span of time will provide the best click ranking, rather than waiting to post a link later in the day, especially if it is after 8pm.

For Facebook, however, research shows that it differs from Twitter and the ideal time is on a Wednesday at approximately 3pm.  Other days of the week, though, were similar to Twitter, as any time between 1pm and 4pm was the goal for posting links.  Traffic for Facebook fades dramatically after 8pm, so it is suggested that you refrain from providing links in the evenings especially.

While each company differs in the links (as well as how many/how often) they want to provide online, this information can be beneficial to all.  Every social network has patterns and qualities that keep them unique, and by acknowledging them accordingly, you can truly optimize your brand/company and find the best opportunities to share important content with external parties.  In order to achieve the best online exposure, it is important to be involved in each layer of the SEO process, one of which obviously includes participation in social media.  With all of the traffic that is constantly passing through Twitter and Facebook, there is a limited amount of time where you can hope for a link connected to your company to be seen, so why not try to promote your content during the optimal hours?  Strategically posting on these social networks can only help a company that is seeking a greater reputation online, so the better the chance of recognition by these communities, the better the possibility of new interest and business.

-Casey Guntlow


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