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Content Types That Result in the Most User Engagement

Knowing the kind of content to create for your blog can be difficult to figure out. With the sheer volume of digital content out there growing by the moment, you want to make your blog stand out from the others in your industry. If not, you could end up writing pieces that are not going to reach the widest potential audience, ultimately harming your company’s bottom line.

There are endless kinds of content you can create for your blog, from evergreen blogs and news articles to eBooks and infographics. Deciding between all of the options out there will depend on a number of different factors, which  means you will need to evaluate what you want to get out of the blog’s existence and what kinds of materials will best support those set goals.

Here are types of content that will result in the greatest user engagement:

  • Authoritative blog posts. Authoritative posts can serve several different purposes for your blog; they can provide insight into complex topics and allow your brand to hone its voice and become a leader in your industry. Be sure to pay attention to what you are writing about as well, as covering topics ignored by your industry will make your material useful and compelling.
  • Explanation guides. How-to pieces are a great way to bring in users, and these kinds of pieces can apply to virtually any industry. This content is valuable as it helps people learn something new, which will encourage them to come back and interact with other parts of the website. How-to content is also flexible, as it can come in many forms, such as an article or video guide.
  • Trending content pieces. Capitalizing on a trending event or topic is an excellent way to bring in users to your blog. However, brands must be careful when looking for fast and viral content, as you do not want your blog to become embroiled in any controversy. Unlike evergreen blog posts, the popularity of trending content pieces tend to fizzle our fairly quickly.

Updating your website regularly with any of the above types of content will help improve the blog’s engagement. An important aspect of SEO is to have your website updated on a frequent basis with fresh content to keep users coming back and converting them to leads. Play around with the different kinds of pieces you publish to see what works best for your blog.

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