Content is King: Scaling an Effective Content Marketing Plan

This is the sixth blog in a 13-part series about the importance of content marketing for improving SEO, conversions, and brand awareness.

Content marketing takes significant time investment, measurement, and experimentation to be successful. Marketers have to work extremely hard to identify keywords, write original content, identify the appropriate social media channels to post on, and optimize their web presence to see results.

When a content marketing strategy begins to work, and lead to tangible business results, you want to make sure you scale your efforts. Getting complacent in an ever-increasing competition for #1 search results, conversions, and site visitors is a surefire way to fall behind.

If your content is starting to improve conversions then congratulations! That is a promising start and shows you have created a strong content marketing strategy.

But marketers should know how to scale their content marketing efforts if they want to experience an even stronger return on investment (ROI).

So what should you do to scale your content strategy, improve ROI, and generate more conversions?

Increase the frequency of blog posts and written content (at a rate that makes sense) 

It seems like a pretty straightforward idea, but increasing the number of written blog posts or editorial is a great way to improve the ROI of your content strategy.

More content means that you’ll have more opportunities to educate online visitors, entertain users, index your website for more keywords, and build greater conversion opportunities.

Additionally, marketers could do the same for a social media strategy that has produced higher engagement from followers.

What you need to be careful of is posting too much and potentially pushing out opportunities for users to engage in your content. For starters, try adding an additional blog post a month or an additional social media post a week.

Organize and build your content teams with multiple skillsets

An initial content strategy may be successful if it is just one or two people producing your content. But that doesn’t leave a lot of opportunity to scale content efforts if your team does not have enough hours in a day to create new pieces.

Add a few more members of your content team that have a solid mix of creative and technical expertise, in order to maximize the effectiveness of your content.

A team of good writers, audio specialists, and video producers can help shape and mold content pieces into engaging posts for your ideal audience. But a team that also has technical skills can help optimize the SEO components of your blog, video channel, podcast, etc.

A reasonably-sized content team can help lighten the bandwidth of your main marketing department to help scale your content.

Explore new content platforms to capture

A strong content marketing strategy may continue to deliver results on a few platforms but an exceptional strategy will always experiment (and deliver) with new platforms.

Is social media on Facebook and Twitter working for your brand? Then try brainstorming a future launch on Instagram! Facebook and Instagram can interlink and cross-post to help promote more visual content.

Are blog posts working well? Then try building out longer types of editorial content such as buying guides, case studies, testimonial overviews, and similar text-based pieces.

If you’re looking into a new content platform or type, start small and slowly scale up (just like your previously successfully initiatives!)

Content marketing requires a thoughtful balance of quantity and quality to generate a valuable ROI for your business. Once you experience promising results, then is the time to scale your content to a higher level.

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