Content Farms Won’t Help You Either

I know, we’re all a little guilty of being lazy once in a while and some tasks just seem daunting because we put them off for too long or just dread doing them.  But the lesson usually plays out that this strategy doesn’t prevent the inevitable and shortcuts and quick fixes often backfire.

We all saw the back-lash and negative Google reaction to link farms in the recent algorithm changes.  These tactics will not be tolerated with impunity.  Now we have the same issue popping up with content farms.  Yes, there are services out there that you can subscribe to that will provide your web site with content generic enough to be bought.  You think, “Great, now I don’t have to do all that blogging or update information on my site pages!”  Wrong.  Again, this is another one of those shortcuts that just won’t pay off.

Its true Google loves content, but Google loves original content and it does not like to be fooled.  If you are buying content from a content farm, you can be sure that others are too and that means you both will have the same information added to your sites with the most minimal changes like your city or town name – you know, for customization.

Here’s a test to see how original your content is.  Copy a couple of sentences and paste it into Google search and then look at all the hits you get from different sites.  Not so pretty.  Google doesn’t think so either.  In fact, using tactics like this will rarely ever help you get the recognition you want in the search rankings, so save your money.

In this case, a little extra effort on your part – or your friendly SEO provider’s – to create some fresh, new content is where you can reap the rewards.  So, roll up your sleeves and get working.


-Don MacMelville

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