Content Creation Trend Continues to Rise

Forbes recently released an article listing several up-and-coming trends in technology that entrepreneurs should be familiar with if they are not already.  One of these trends in particular stuck out, as it is a very important component of SEO and a service that we provide to our clients.  Content Creation is a key contributor to the overall success of a company or brand’s website; now more than ever it is important that a site offers its own unique content that is valuable and business-related.  The quality is much more important than the quantity, and failing to abide by this technique will ultimately penalize your site since the announcement of the Google’s Penguin update.

So, how do you practice the correct form of content creation?  This can be done through a number of outlets and strategies, whether you are composing blogs, press releases, services pages, etc.  The important thing to remember is that your content should be of worth to your brand’s message and to your site in general.  Stay away from keyword-stuffing, duplicate content and plagiarizing from outside sources!  Brainstorming ideas and jotting down outlines for the content that should be generated and provided to your site will help you stand out, be evaluated favorably and ultimately keep you a step ahead of others who have not yet practiced this strategy.

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