Content and Relevancy

Search engines work by spitting back information to us based on content and relevancy.  Too many times I meet with a client and after doing an analysis on their site realize they only have graphics, or flash on their site.  Aesthetics are important to any digital business space, akin to having a pleasant looking brick and mortar shop.  Without content though, you might as well have a pleasant looking shop with no merchandise or foundation. 

Content ( – is defined as the subjects covered in a book or document.  It’s important  for any website to have copy-write that surrounds the core-point of your website and what people will be searching for on the different search engines.  This allows Google, Yahoo, and Bing the ability to determine your website is relevant to the specific words the end user typed into the various search engine.

Relevancy ( – is defined as bearing upon or connected with the matter of hand.  It is important that search engines know your website is important and matches what the end user is looking for.  This dramatically increases your chances of coming up towards the top of SERPs (Search engine results page). 

Every website owner should do a self-audit of their website and make sure it has the pertinent information or the information that a layman would be looking for on every search!

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