Content Amplification on Facebook

Due to the recent updates, marketers and businesses alike, have felt that Facebook has taken away some of that value they earned from building an audience. However, these updates have done just the opposite; they have improved the newsfeed content, making more engagement and fresher content more readily available for users!

On Facebook, there are a number of different strategies to gain more exposure to your page; the most common strategy is promoting your posts for a set cost. However, another tactic that is often overlooked by business owners is to amplify content to a relevant audience outside of your social network.

When you amplify your content, you can reach any user based on his or her interests alone; they don’t have to be a member of your page. With amplification, your audience will see this content on their newsfeed, instead of in an ad space on the sidebar of their homepage; this is a much more effective placement, especially on mobile devices.

When amplifying your content, you still only want to target a specific targeted audience; play around with different variants until you find the most effective strategy! For example, try narrowing your post down to demographics, location, age, interests, etc.

Amplifying your content is one of the best options Facebook offers businesses; it is easier to get your content or promotions out there to your targeted audience.

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By Joe Giorgianni

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