Contacting Google My Business Support Via Twitter Guarantees Faster Response Times

Reaching out to Google for assistance is generally slow, annoying, and all too often, unproductive. While their AdWords support is demonstrably better than their support for their other platforms, seeing as you’re presumably a paying customer through AdWords, their Google My Business support team can be difficult to reach and largely unhelpful.

While their phone and email support have long been their go-to methods of interacting with users, in the last several months, more and more businesses have wised up and started contacting Google My Business via Twitter to address their needs. Although there support line supposedly still exists, it’s become nearly impossible to receive any help via their number.

Their Twitter team is based in the United States and will typically answer your question within 30 minutes or so. Their Twitter handle is @googlemybiz and are a great Twitter account to follow if you’re a small business. While they will answer your questions via Direct Message, their public Twitter feed provides a number of helpful tips.

Moving forward, if you have any question regarding your business profile, such as why your primary category isn’t showing up or why your special hours are appearing, send @googlemybiz a direct message.


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