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Good SEO depends on quality content. Recently we blogged about how quality web design will affect your SEO. Search engines want to direct their users to sites that will give the users a good experience while also providing information relevant to their search query. Part of the quality content process is consistently adding content to your site.  Search engines will respect both the content on your site as well as the fact that your site is being updated regularly.

No one will blame you if you swing for the fences, but quality content doesn’t mean that everything you post needs to be Pulitzer worthy.  Almost any content will be good content as long as it relates to the rest of your site. Here are some ideas for content to post:

  • Press Releases
  • Updates of you Products or Services
  • Updates regarding expanded service areas
  • Reviews of your services or products
  • Testimonials that tout the quality of your products or services
  • Videos and Pictures of your products, your staff hard at work, or an example service call
  • Profiles of your staff
  • Amusing anecdotes from a recent trip or service call, which also lends itself to photos or a video

These posts could easily be short enough to quickly read while also in depth enough to contain information that your readers, and search engines, will find useful or interesting.  The updates will also show search engines that you are invested in your website and are concerned about giving your customers a quality product.

Google often cautions against keyword stuffing, but that doesn’t mean that you have to tip-toe around the keywords for which you would like to be found or omit them completely.  Just make sure that the content that you are adding is easily understandable.  Work your keywords into complete sentences or well reasoned lists or bullet points. As a passionate business owner, you surely have plenty to say about your business and your website.  As your convert your knowledge into content for your site, just keep it natural—there is no need to limit yourself for fear of keyword stuffing.

Google’s constant refinements to their search algorithm via the Panda and Penguin updates have some scrambling to develop new SEO strategies.  But business owners that keep their site updates have nothing to fear; some strategies will never be punished. Regularly posting engaging content is an SEO strategy that will never fall out of favor with search engines as they continuously refine their ranking algorithms. Whether these updates are posted on your website, blog, or social media, creating content in one place gives you the opportunity to repost on another platform. These updates will maintain contact with your customers and keep search engines happy.

-Andrew Wise


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