How to Communicate the Importance of SEO to your CEO

SEO is a crucial component of a marketing plan in any successful business. In a world that relies so heavily on technology and the internet for almost everything, your online presence is key. However, with a limited marketing budget and CEO that is only focused on the bottom line, it can be difficult to convey just how important it is. You may not see tangible, overnight results from SEO like you would with a direct advertisement, but that doesn’t mean it is not effective. If you’re having trouble conveying to your boss, or other members of your team why SEO is so crucial, try using these tactics to ensure them that the work is worthwhile. 

Define Terminology

Your boss is most likely going to have a general, surface level understanding of what SEO is. They know it is supposed to help get their site found online, but as soon as you start diving any deeper, they’re lost and quickly become uninterested. So before you start throwing around words like  “Alt text,” “backlinks,” “keyword density,” “meta description,” “conversion rate” and other technical terms, remember who your audience is. Take the time to clearly identify terms and educate your boss about the basics of SEO. Clarifying and defining these relevant concepts can help your audience get a better grasp about what SEO is, and why it is necessary

Explain Why it is Necessary

The world of SEO requires a substantial amount of behind the scenes work, persistence, and most importantly, patience. Results don’t magically appear overnight, which can be a hard pill for CEO’s to swallow. It can be difficult to propose the something with no tangible benchmark or set time frame. At the end of the day, your CEO is mainly concerned with the bottom line and making a sale.


Because SEO is not always producing a tangible output such as a blog post or content, it is common for people to question what you actually do. After all, a large portion of what you are doing is on the back end of the site for search engines to crawl, not visible to the user. That it is why it is crucial to always document everything you are doing and have data to back up the strategy. Focus on particular metrics and goals that will be of interest to your audience. For example, if your boss is only interested in converting users, show the conversion rate and total conversions. If he is more interested in overall traffic, show sessions and new users. Since SEO is a long-term process, suggest monthly check-in meetings to keep leaders informed and reassured that you are gradually and consistently making progress in the right direction

So if your boss is questioning whether SEO is truly necessary for your marketing budget, the answer is always yes. Use these tactics to help convince your CEO that SEO is an investment that will pay off in the long run. 

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