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Commonly Asked SEO Questions

SEO, search engine optimization, can be a very tactical skill to understand. Many different strategies go into an SEO plan, including content writing, analytics, and reporting. From growing brand awareness to increasing online presence on search engines, SEO is a beneficial strategy for all websites. At Boston Web Marketing, our goal is to help clients better understand their websites and the SEO strategies that go into them. We are commonly asked many questions about their results, how they can grow, and improve their appearance on search engines. Below are just three of the commonly asked SEO questions we often are asked, and how we answer them so you can better understand your website and your business!

How Do Blogs Help With SEO?

Blog content is an important part of SEO that many clients are unaware of. With frequent blogs being published on your website, it signals to Google and other search engines that your website has the information users are looking for. Performing keyword research to see which blog keywords would make great blog topics is an excellent way to find an optimized topic and header tags for your blog. Blog posts that are fully optimized with SEO best practices will give your website even more opportunities to rank higher on search engines and attract more users to your site.

How Can I Increase Conversions On My Website?

Many clients may have slow periods throughout the year and want to increase their on-site conversions and leads. You can do many different things to help increase your on-site conversions. Some of these include using more targeted keywords for your target audience, adding more ways for users to convert to your website quickly, and creating a Google Ads campaign. These are just three of the many ways to help get more traffic to your site and, in turn, increase conversions. If you notice a lull in your conversions, consider performing more keyword research, adding new blog content, adding buttons for users to convert, or talking with our Google Ads and PPC team for an additional boost.

Once I start SEO, How Long Will It Take To See Rankings on Search Engines?

This is a question that clients commonly ask. Many clients, whether just starting and building a new website or been in business for years, want to know how long the SEO process will take. Many factors depend on how long it will take to see rankings in various locations on SERPs, but we usually say around three months from the start. Competition, inbound links, and content strategy significantly affect how soon you will see results. Monitoring and optimizing these strategies will allow your website to generate organic traffic in no time!

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